Soda SO-3236

I did this project for participating in a SAL by a Facebook’s friend. I’ve been very, very unproductive this year. I hope 2019 will be a better one.

I didn’t stitch the word FALL at the bottom, as I wouldn’t do the complete seasons.

I have been stitching the summer tree house for couple of days. I don’t know whether I can finish it before the year ends. Hopefully I can, but I am going to Penang, Malaysia tomorrow, and I’ll be back home on Christmas Eve. I’m not going to bring the wip as the hoop is too big to be carried in my backpack. So, we’ll just see.

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My Pa

There are so many words spread out there about parents’ love for their child or children, that parents will give or do everything for their childen, are willing to bear the pain for them–which the childen will never do for tbeir parents.

But I did. I prayed so much. I negotiated with God. I was willing to exchange several years of my life, so that Pa would wake up from his coma. But he never woke up…

People said that Pa didn’t want to give us too much trouble by leaving so soon. A part of my heart believes (and acknowledges) that, but a large part of the heart still wishes he’s still with us. Until my hair grows white, and I will color my hair, and Pa will protest, like he did when Ma colored her hair. Pa said hair growing white was the process of old age. It’s a normal process, so no need to change the color.

I miss him, miss his wise words. Simple advice, but always true, since what he said was always a logic thought.

As far as I can remember, I cried twice because of Pa when I was a little girl. He didn’t yell at me (Pa never scolded us), he only told us (me and younger brother) to stop quarreling, in a very normal voice. And I went crying under the desk 😅. That’s the one that I can still remember. I already forgot the other incident. Only twice.

But I cried countlessly since the last time I saw his face. And I know there are still many more nights when my tears can’t stop falling, like tonight. I don’t know when this heart won’t hurt anymore when I think about him.

No, I don’t want to stop remembering you, Pa. You will always in my heart and mind, as there’s a lot of things I do always remind me of you, of what you told me, of what you taught me. I just want my heart to be able to accept this painful reality. One day.

Love you, Pa… forever 🙂😚

~7 months~

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No Title

During the first weeks after I lost both my parents on 15 and 20 October 2017, I cried myself to sleep every night. Then, almost 2 months later, I started to get over the feeling, although everything I was doing often reminded me of them.

Today is a day before Lunar New Year, and as usual, we pray to our ancestors by burning joss sticks. When I was praying to my parents, suddenly I felt very sad and could’t stop my tears. I quickly went to my bedroom and cried silently until my tears dried.

I don’t know for how long it will take until I can overcome my sadness.

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Birthday Boy

Lately, it’s not easy to take the photo of my little Momo. He was so alert to camera that every time I aimed my phone at him, he would either turn his head or walk away. I could only get his photos well when he was dozing.


hair fountain


with mommy


3 months


7 months




Happy Birthday

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Watercolor Roses ~ Riolis


This is my first time stitching Riolis kit. I have to admit that I did not enjoy stitching this Watercolor Roses. The color is way too soft, especially the outer shadow, which were mostly half crosses stitched in 1 ply Anchor floss.
For those who dislike backstitching, this kit is a good option because the pattern requires just a few back-stitches. The pattern is easy to read. It is printed on a big sheet of paper, and it’s colorful.
Well, despite my not enjoying the stitching proses, I love how the final result looks. A vase of pretty roses!

Started: 15-04-2015
Finished: 15-07-2015

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